15135849_10154683291757410_2259996979541240920_nSo, we had the screening of our FINISHED FILM for cast and crew this past Saturday – at our family’s FAVORITE theatre- the Laemmle Noho, which made it all the sweeter… I can’t even put into words, really what a remarkable experience this was but… I will try.

First of all- the nervousness. We have only shown this film to “friendlies”. This that have worked on it- our producers (who also were our editors) a couple, friendly “beta watchers”, and our post people. THIS was the true litmus test to see if our story would do what WE wanted, what we have aimed for, what we HOPED it would… And, oh my God- did it.

Throughout this entire YEAR of post production- I have been thinking & dreaming about the day when I could show people- so many of which helped us make this- our “baby”. I just wanted to share this with them. To show them what THEY helped US create. The theatre was packed and I sat, surrounded by love and my “tribe” as we watched.

The laughs came in all the right places. The tears came when they were warranted and there were cheers (AND people STOOD UP!) at the end. From then on it was a BLUR of hugs, love, praise, questions, smiles. Our hearts were FULL. Doug- who had been “cautiously reserved” prior to this was teary and just as ELATED as I was. We stood back and let the love wash over us- and our kids- OH MY GOD- for our kids!

And THAT is the point of it all. LOVE.

See, our film is NOT filled with special FX. It is NOT a thriller. It is not an “epic saga of…” What it IS, is FILLED WITH HEART. That’s what we put into it- that’s what EVERYONE who supported it GAVE and that’s what was up on that screen.

So, permit me to get a little sweeping and “bigger picture” with this entire thing for a minute. It’s been a rough few weeks. When I say rough, I mean “SHIT SHOW OF VAST PROPORTIONS”- especially for my many creative & artist friends. I have been in a semi-catatonic whirlwind of fear, anxiety and dread. The only things that have alleviated it are- this film, my family and POSITIVE PROACTIVE ACTION. So, this movie? I can only hope that the take away that remains with watchers is this: LOVE & HOPE. If this “little film that could” could possibly inspire an artist to just GO FOR IT- speak their truth, create from their heart and follow the dream- we have done our job. If it can further promote the message that LOVE WINS and if we lead with our hearts- we can survive and even THRIVE in these bat-shit times. It’s somewhat grandiose, I know but- yes- I can hope for that.

What Doug, the producers and I heard- over and over is “I thought about it all day/week/etc…” THIS is HUGE. We put it out there, scraped, struggled, fought and finished and it is RESONATING. So, my message to YOU, my creative soul- is to DO IT. Whatever your “it” may be- FOLLOW it. Speak it, paint it, film it, photograph, sing, dance it… Just DO. It will SPEAK if it is from your heart.

We also heard a lot of: “What NOW?” Now- our “baby” is off to festivals. There is a “1st tier” that we’ve submitted to and we will cross our fingers that it “speaks” to others out there. There is NO MONEY left- so if we do get in somewhere- well, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I have to keep the faith alive that got us this far. This film will end up doing exactly what it needs to- we are now just along for the ride…

And oh- what an AMAZING ride it is you guys… AMAZING.


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