Batman V. Superman… can suck it.

Batman V. Superman… can suck it.

Batman-and-Superman1Well, I’m just gonna say it: I’m cranky.

I can’t even tell you how many times Doug & I have discussed the state of movies lately. It always starts or ends with:

“Where are all the GOOD movies?”

Now, before you get your panties all twisted and compose your list of YOUR favorites- let me clarify. YES- I do believe there have been some good ones:

Bridesmaids, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 2, The Grey, Slumdog Millionaire, End of Watch, Safety Not Guaranteed, Argo, The Way, Way Back, The Hurt Locker, The Spectacular Now, Fruitvale Station, Winter’s Bone, Dallas Buyers Club, Short Term 12, Mud, Begin Again, Chef, Guardians of the Galaxy, Whiplash, Spotlight, Creed, World War Z and Room.

My personal faves. Yes- I know. But my blog, MY list. Deal with it. There are only one or two big studio backed films and only ONE “superhero” one- Guardians- I loved it- because it went for it’s own thing- not the dreck we’re being force fed every 4 months now. I loved what I loved because they made me FEEL. That is my main critique of any film. “WAS I MOVED?” Now, if you know me- I’m a pretty easy mark. I cry at commercials, dust motes in the sunlight and anything either of my kids do. If I sit through an entire film unmoved and dry-eyed- you have missed the mark. It happens more often than not these days.

I am saddened by the state of the Industry. It’s all BIG MARKETING. BIG FIGHT SCENES. BIG STARS. BIG BUDGET. If it’s not a YA franchise or a superhero epic- it’s shunted to the backshelf of “Indie fare.” And this sucks. Now, I will say that- because of Doug and my son, Max- I do go to many of the superhero/YA movies and yes- they are enjoyable. Remarkable? NO. There was a time- back in the 90’s (mostly) when we had a great run of truly amazing films: American Beauty, LA Confidential, Usual Suspects, Seven- truly great films that made me PROUD of the product that we were turning out. I feel like- with a brief exception lately we have killed all that was innovative, creative and REAL about movies… at least if you want a studio behind you.

This blows. But, I also feel it’s indicative of the times. Jesus- look at the GOP frontrunner. If you’re not terrified about the climate of our country, you’re NOT paying attention.

But that’s just it. Bigger. Faster. SCREAMING OPINIONS on the antiseptic foreground of social media. ME. MINE. TAKE. $$$. It’s depressing… Add to that trying to have a VAGINA and be a contender in this industry and it can get down right grim.

So, what to do?

Personally? I keep writing. No one can tell me WHAT I can and can’t write. It’s why I love it. They also don’t buy it. The silver lining to this progression into antiseptic, mass market production is the BACKLASH and growth of crowd funding, streaming and new contenders in the production game like Netflix, You Tube and Amazon. They are opening up the accessibility to new voices and independent films but I want more. I want these to start contending in the THEATRICAL release world- and not just at the quaint Laemmle’s. I’d like for all the up and comers- those to young to be jaded- to have more access to these great voices trying to squeak out from behind the green screen. Those truly SPECIAL, moving films need to be heard and seen when the smoke and cacophony of Marvel’s latest BIG THING have left us tired, apathetic and broke.

So… get on that, will ya? I’ll be here- at the keyboard- typing out my angst and frustration. Meet you at Laemmle’s… for now.

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