Still awash in love and joy.

This past year, we took (or sent) our “baby” “Quality Problems” to over a dozen festivals all over the US. From Arkansas to New York and all over in between. It’s won all kinds of awards including Best Ensemble Cast and Best Feature. We have made SO MANY friends and fans. We have heard SO MUCH amazing and heartfelt feedback it has filled us all until we almost couldn’t take it. From stories of survivors and their families to just plain , “Wow, my girlfriend forced me to come and I can’t believe how hard I laughed/loved it/was surprised…”

But “HOME” eluded us.

We have been TRYING so hard to get it back to Los Angeles. This is where we conceived, shot and edited it. It was primarily the “Village” HERE that helped us even make it through their generosity and BELIEF in us and this project.

It was SO IMPORTANT to bring it home and show these people what THEY helped (in SO many ways) to create…

It took over a year- but we finally found the PERFECT place in  and it was SO WORTH THE WAIT.

New Filmmakers Los Angeles was the PERFECT FIT. From the minute they asked us we were so excited and so WELL taken care of (Trust me- that doesn’t happen at a lot of TRULY Independant film festivals here.) and loved- we knew it was the perfect fit. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming – not to mention there were true fans of the film itself- which- for me has been the “final say” in where it has gone. If the programmers are True Fans- I know that it is a place that “gets us” and that means everything. Trust me on this.

It happened two weeks ago and I am still floating. The turnout was AMAZING – I saw friends from junior high, people I went to college with, friends of the family, surprise guests, people who supported our crowdfunding that just loved the project and didn’t know us, our kids’ teachers,  People from our families, our cast, our crew. Those who have watched us this past year through our journey… They all came out – in HUGE, loving support of our film.

… No pressure.

It was beyond my wildest dreams. I had the best time. Throughout the film- there were laughs in all the right places, sniffles in the right places and an unbridled enthusiasm throughout.

Right at the very start- when the title came up- there was a HUGE CHEER that went through the 300+ filled auditorium. That’s when I first started crying. (& didn’t stop)

We were HOME.

The entire film was wonderful to experience with so many who were directly and indirectly involved. I rode every wave of emotion with Kleenex and a smile. I really cannot even say enough about it. Our whole family spent the night drinking in the love. I plan on feeding off that night until 2020 at least. (You feel me, right?)

The Q&A after was more of the same. We went up as a family – our literal one and our QP Family and claimed our space and looked out at these folks who had carried us through this whole experience. Yes, overwhelming. SO worth it though. At a certain point- I asked those currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis or who had had one- to stand up.

About a dozen. I knew each one.

Then I asked anyone who had a close friend or family member with a current Cancer diagnosis, past diagnosis or who had died from Cancer to please stand…

I’d say 9/10ths stood.

That is why.

That is why- when we are broke, when we DON’T get into the “big” festival, when we don’t know where we are going, when we are disappointed with something, when we grow weary… THAT is why we keep going. THAT is why we needed to make this film and THAT is why we know it will find it’s proper DISTRIBUTION home.

Because people need to see this film. Not just because it conveys a hope and respite to those dealing or having dealt with Cancer but, simply because its just a great movie. It’s got the laughs, the tears and the fucking HEART that I believe ALL movies SHOULD have.

Especially now.

So, if you were there… you know. If you couldn’t make it- we are WORKING on getting it to its distribution HOME- so you can see. For now, I am still all feely and proud and moving forward buoyed by your belief and support. Biggest THANKS and HUGS to you all.

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