th-1So, it is now 1am and we are going on “vacation” in 7 hours. We are NOT packed and the house is chaos.

Welcome to indy filmmaking.

Whatever the case- our 1st weekend was AMAZING. Seriously. Doug & I were just consistently INSPIRED by everyone on our “dream team” at every turn. We stayed up every night- well past common sense and exhaustion just RAVING about everyone. Everyone around us just GAVE EVERYTHING THEY HAD. From our GIFTED producing team to our brilliant DP to our “P.A.’s” and the kind, generous souls who brought in meals everyday “Just because”. The food was delicious and the hard work was humbling. It was hard- don’t get me wrong. This is life without a budget so everyone was wearing many hats and doing the heavy lifting at every turn. Doug and I were finding the balance of directing, acting and parenting all at once while also juggling art dept., wardrobe, shot lists and playdates. Our crew is now a “family”. We LOVED everyone. Seriously. There wasn’t one “Yeah but what about so & so…” in the mix. So positive, so funny and so talented- all of them. We were able to just let them do the work and focus on our acting which took a lot. This 1st weekend had 2 HUGE scenes, acting wise, for each of us and we felt EXCELLENT about being given the freedom and time to give it our all. We left it all on the set and felt super solid & grateful about it all. If I have any advice at this newborn stage it’s this: surround yourself with people you respect. ASK those most talented folks around you to “play” because you never know who will say yes- just ASK. We have been given a huge GIFT with everyone involved and it’s because we had the AUDACITY to believe in this movie so wholly that- those approached couldn’t deny it. Then THEIR belief in us helped strengthen ours and it was a full on fucking LOVE FEST by the weekend’s end. So, yeah- for tonight: “JUST ASK.” “No” has never killed you and those “YESSES”? They are worth their weight in gold.


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