thOkay- so we just wrapped our 3rd weekend of this initial “test” phase of the shoot. We got ALL out intended scenes done.

I can’t even muster all the energy needed here to write about how hard. How AMAZING. How educational. How INTENSE. How hot. How emotional and how fattening this was for me. (I have a slight Craft service issue. LUCKILY- I am spending all this fat-time ON FILM which is super SLIMMING… wait- NOOOO. Fuck it. I’m a good actress. I’m gonna ACT like I wear this extra weight well.) ANYWAY- It was mind blowing- to say the least. This film… it’s a fucking GORGEOUS beast and it’s coming and it’s better than we could have ever imagined. But- with this egotistical (but nonetheless TRUE realization) comes the added pressure of keeping the MOMENTUM GOING. Living up to the barometer set by this exceptional month and what’s come out of it…

But, I digress. See, Not only am I fat- I’m EXHAUSTED. Physically, mentally, emotionally- and we are only 1/3 done. Now we are going STRAIGHT INTO our crowdfunding (SEED & SPARK- LAUNCH ON AUG. 15th- LOOK FOR IT- ANY $ HELPS AND IS SO WORTH IT- GONNA BE A BIG-ASS-DEAL) and THAT is it’s OWN animal of social media, emails, calls, constant networking, resourcing and talking… all when all I wanna do is nap for 3 days and eat, never again…

But THIS is what “independent film” is now. THIS is how it is done without a rich relative, a Studio Uncle, a trust fund or a coked-up Agent… You go to THE PEOPLE. YOUR people. You “put it out there”. You “ask, ask, and ask again.” You get USED to the “NO’s” and LIVE for the “Yeses.” and you HANG on, baby. You hang on for all it’s worth because you BELIEVE. You believe in your Producers- who give EVERYTHING and CARRY you through it all, you believe in your husband who is KILLING it at every opportunity, your kids- who are REMARKABLE & giving up their summer to help execute this, your DP who is SUCH a brilliant gift – that you’re afraid to talk about it- for fear she will leave you- your CREW- OMG- your Crew who are so LOYAL, and badass and DEDICATED and doing it all for the ART of it. You GO.ALL.IN. Because this is your shot. Your baby. Your ART. Your heart in digital, dramatized format- out there, for all the world to see. SO- if any part of you relates to any part of this- try and find it in your heart to kick down some cabbage- I’ll do my best to do the same. Us indies need to stick together.

So, “once more, into the fray”…

Then we go straight into pre-production for October. No rest for the weary but, I seriously wouldn’t trade it for the world. QP Production Team, Cast, Crew & supporters: HERE WE GO! SPREAD THE WORD- CHASE THE YESES- THIS IS OUR CURRENT ADVENTURE: GERONIMO!!!

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