cancer So, this week got real. I have been oddly saddened by the death of Beau Biden from Brain Cancer. Yes- the world is also witnessing this and no, I didn’t know him nor do I have an unusual attachment to the Bidens- (other than relishing the thought of Joe Biden showing up in surf trunks at White House Meetings ever since Jon Stewart mentioned it…) but, fuck man… he was 46 and Cancer fucking sucks.

Not reported on this week?
– One of my bestie mom who is battling cancer (Intestinal) with ALL HER MIGHT and FIGHTING like a beast while ALWAYS remaining HOPE-FILLED and faithful.
– A new, and amazing friend, mom & wife, who is young, talented and lovely going in for a lumpectomy this week and working – primarily- how she will take time off from teaching her kids music and being there for her daughter.
– An old friend who Facebook messaged me to be on the lookout for an advice request from her. And requests for “good thoughts on her health”… I KNOW what this means.
– Another dear friend just started her Chemo treatments to fight breast Cancer and is “cold Capping” her hair while she does it in order to try and keep it. While her daughter gets a Pink Ribbon Tattoo on her side for solidarity and hope because- FUCK- what the hell ELSE can you do when you are so angry and powerless…?

I lived it. I live it now- through other people, through blogs, through being just ONE DOCTOR APPOINTMENT AWAY from hearing that MOST FUCKED WORD: “Cancer”.

I fucking hate it so much. This week- it’s making my Top 3 of Shit I Hate.

I was on über Mom duty this weekend- ran a Mud Run, watched Max rock out at a guitar performance, played, laughed- missed Doug while he was away (JESUS- IT WAS ONLY 3 DAYS!!!) and was entirely caught up in this film business, work, prep, emails… And I have been constantly yanked back by this Bastard Disease.

We have a PHONE that can UNLOCK YOUR HOUSE, ping off a satellite and FIND itself so WHERE THE FUCK IS OUR CURE for this disease??? WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH??! I am SICK of losing people. Sich of “Tributes” to lost loved ones, SICK of talking to those close (near & far) and strangers about how to DEAL with a CANCER diagnosis… Jesus, how I would LOVE to be able to NOT have to have that talk…

So, for now? Fuck Cancer. Now & Always.

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