provenzano-thriving-in-homestretch-01So, it’s been a year. During that time we’ve been editing our asses off, working everyday at getting our film name out there, trying to raise money for final posttests, doing sound, music, color and trying to work our “day jobs” to recover from the hit we took with time off… Oh, and daily life in general.

So, yeah… exhausted. Happy. Livin’ the dream but the undercurrent of exhaustion always there like a tiny cactus splinter you can’t see to remove.

SO… NOW? We are in the homestretch: our COLOR is done- by the brilliant and adorable Persephanie Engel at Neptune Post. Our MUSIC- is (OMGSOAMAZING) almost there thanks to the patient genius of Michael John Mollo at Velvet Green Music and our sound is being meticulously and lovingly finished by the lovely Gabriel Serrano at Anarchy Post… So… it looks, sounds, feels like a Real, Grown Up Movie. It’s already gone out to a few festivals in it’s “raw” form with more to follow as we complete.

I cry every time I get to see it.


Yeah- I know- trust me- for as long as I can recall since we started this journey I have just been WAITING for the day when I can tell folks: “NOW! TODAY! LOOK WHAT YOU ALL HELPED TO CREATE!!”

But… not QUITE. Still “Tweaking” and WILL have our Mini Cast & Crew screening. After that- we plan to PUSH to get it somewhere (Hopefully a local Festival) where we can show ALL OF YOU who have been so AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE from it’s inception… We really are so (^%&$@!!) PROUD of it.

I just can’t believe it is happening. Still. I am still in love with everyone involved, still so proud and- with every added nuance and element- so amazed and grateful that it is


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