it39s-the-home-stretch-you-can-do-it-meme-62695So- WE HAVE A DATE! At least for the Cast & Crew screening and it looms large. I have been thinking of and excited about this for a year and a half. Seriously, just so EXCITED to share this dream with SO MANY that helped make it become a reality. We’ve been cramming in colorist sessions, music sessions and sound sessions in our push to get it all there. The last push this week has been sound and- for something that everyone takes for granted – well- a lot anyway- I have to say- it’s INTENSIVE. Thank GOD we have our gifted, tireless and crazy easy to love sound man, Gabe on the case. One of the greatest things is- though he’s been through the film 8 million times- he STILL LAUGHS at funny stuff and appreciated the story. Just couldn’t ask for more. So between tweaking footsteps and birdsong- I also have been overjoyed to find that I STILL discover new nuances in the story. Doug STILL makes me laugh HARD at new things I see and I am STILL so FUCKING PROUD of every bit.

With each new layer, my love & appreciation grows. I seriously can’t wait for people to see it. To share this with them. To THANK THEM, with everything I have, for giving SO MUCH to help it get done.

In the meantime- there’s life. There’s bolls and volleyball practice, basketball practice, clients, homework, more bills, groceries… ya know- life. But it’s all got a MOMENTUM behind it. If I can tell any fellow artist ANYTHING from this it is this: JUST DO IT. Whatever sings to you- your art, your dream, your passion- MAKE IT HAPPEN. It is possible and it feeds a part of you that cannot be UNDONE. I have written more, researched more, sought new ventures, and kept the creative embers STOKED and BURNING ever since we started this… It’s huge. YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY- GO DO IT.

Also- throughout it all- I cannot forget that I have dear friends- people I love and NEED to be on this planet FIGHTING Cancer. It’s Chemo, it’s sickness, it’s life-hijacking and they are FIGHTING with everything they have. Just as I did 8+ years ago. That’s the hard truth. I couldn’t be more inspired by their courage and more overjoyed at their triumphs. They fuel me. It’s life and death. It’s perspective and I am grateful everyday to BE HERE and that I get to do this. I am also beyond excited when I get to cheer THEM on when they conquer, battle and CREATE on the other side of that war. It’s coming. I am sure. I am excited. I am humbled. I am here.

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