like-a-boss-wallpaper-free-1-8-s-307x512So- we are currently at 102% and we still have 4 days left on our crowdfunding campaign with Seed & Spark. In my humble opinion- we crushed it.

(But- we still have finishing/Post production funds we need to raise. In case you are reading this and want to donate…)

Back to us? Well, we killed it. Here’s why; WE DID OUR HOMEWORK. We invested in a consultation with Kathleen Minogue at Crowdfund Better. She came to our house and gave us a one-on-one (or really one-on-five) dissertation on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign that lasted three hours. WE FOLLOWED THAT SHIT. We asked questions, we followed the plan. We watched EVERYTHING Emily Best from Seed & Spark ever put on video- studied (okay- stalked a little) everything and WENT FOR IT.

It’s been a ride, to say the least. You get “hooked” right away. As soon as your campaign opens you start stalking the site and refreshing it like some kind of crack-head. You stalk your friends. You troll your Facebook, you call that weird cousin you thought you weren’t going to… Just to up that ask… (No- I have no “weird cousin”- just an example.) You count and you judge and you wait… It’s kind of creepy. It’s humbling and disconcerting, you are one moment euphoric- another heartbroken… IT. IS. A RIDE.

Anyway- we are winding down and we have made our “ask” and then some. We are taking 48 seconds to celebrate then moving ON to prep for production that starts in October… Another RIDE in itself.

But- this is the horse we saddled and we plan on riding it into the sunset… Saddlesores and all.

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