donkey_kong_07Could write a thousand things about a thousand things here but right now all energy, focus, work, free time and thoughts are on our LAUNCH. This is where this movie is made or not. Literally. We are placing our fate in the hands of “The People”. Hopefully the people will expand as we (AND YOU!) get the word out – an OH do we have plans on doing that- but right now- “The People” is everyone we know. Our “villages”. Our “Circles”. Friends, family, that guy who always asks about my kids but I’m to embarrassed to ask if his name is Jake or Josh and know it’s too late to ask so he’s always “Hon” or Sweets”… yeah- him too. We’re calling in all favors all “likes” all “retweets” and trying to turn them into cabbage to make this film.

It’s insane asking for money. But, guess what. It becomes a lot MORE SANE once you are invested in something. Our BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS are going into this. Our time, our kids’ time. Our cash- that we don’t have much of, our home and all our friends with their SICK GENEROSITY and support. Family- with their unconditional love… NOW IS THE TIME. We cannot get caught up in semantics. If it’s “polite” or “appropriate”. When you are creating something from the bottom of your heart- these questions stop mattering. You just put it all out there. On the page. On the screen. In the take. In the cut… all for the world to see. You do not hold back. That’s lying. You go all in. If it means facing a potential “NO”- so fucking what. It’s worth a thousand “no’s” if the 1001st is the PERFECT YES.

We have worked so hard. We have watched these amazingly talented people WORK. SO. HARD. We believe in this movie- now more than ever. These other people BELIEVE in it, and in us, as well- so either it’s a huge group delusion or this thing NEEDS to HAPPEN. That’s what we are throwing all our energy into. THIS SATURDAY we OFFICIALLY- throw our hat in the ring. Know why? Cause this movie is happening. It’s been happening for months. It is happening for our family and our story. It is happening for this crew who have discovered what real heart can do to a story and it is happening for the MILLIONS out there who share a feeling, a disease or even just a laugh with us on this journey. Hopefully when that link goes live all this INSANE work will start to materialize and we will get that support. Those YESSES that we KNOW are out there. Those hands at the show who lift you up let you crowd surf right up to the stage…

Here we go

This film? IT’S. ON…

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