jumping_joySo- THAT happened.

As I write this (at the behest of Colette- who won’t let me disappear from my “homework”- dammit.) it is New Year’s Eve 2015. Like most of you- I am reflecting on the year that was 2015.

It was fucking EPIC.

For many years now, both Doug & I have “reflected back” on our year and have been proud, happy, nostalgic, but there was always THAT THING. THAT THING was that underlying sense of regret that, yet again, another year had passed and we didn’t do THAT THING. THAT THING was our movie. Our video, our script, our “PROJECT”. That one that let us “keep a foot in the pool of creativity.” We met in an acting class 16 years ago and not had “big plans”. BIG dreams and we did many of them. A lot of shorts, 2 plays, a bunch of scripts, etc…

Then… LIFE happened. Kids, school, work, various cars, a little bout of Cancer and you look up and WHOA- a lotta days have passed between those big dreams and your current reality. Would I change/trade ANY of it? HELL NO. It brought us to exactly where we needed to be in order to DO QUALITY PROBLEMS. It would NOT have happened at a different time/under different circumstances or without exactly EVERYONE who enabled us to DO IT at exactly the time when we were ready. I am STILL amazed. HUMBLED and grateful and BEYOND EXCITED for what has happened and what lies ahead.

Writing this was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE- one that I could NOT have done without the CONSTANT help and tutelage of Colette Freedman. She was a gift in all ways- both friend and peer. She’s now stuck with me forever- God help her. Then, looking right in front of me was Jen Prince. My friend for 6+ years who I then witness in action. Her talent as a producer and editor are MIND BOGGLING. Seriously, I’m somewhat afraid to really detail her amazingness, for fear that I will lose her. She brought in Jhennifer Webberley who wowed us all as Producer, editor and a (sometimes thankless job- that she NAILED with grace and INSANE precision.) Then- Savannah Bloch, our Director of Photography- who won us over from our first meeting (If you’re wondering if preparation and research make a difference- THEY FUCKING DO. Don’t “wing it” when going after something- your charm and resume will only carry you so far. Savvy came in and this was her 1st feature. She NAILED her pitch. She saw EXACTLY the same vision as we did and had shots and a FUCKING INTEREST BOARD to prove it. Yes, she was charming and talented but- the HOMEWORK? THAT sealed it.) She then proceeded to WOW us EVERY SINGLE SCENE with her talent. Make no mistake- this film looks amazing… because of her. This was our “Power team”. We were guided and taught by all of them and are forever grateful. I also fell in love with them and they can never leave us. Add to this our ENTIRE CREW who, I really want to move to an island with. There wasn’t ONE DOUCHER in the mix. Which is no small affair in this town. I attribute it all to the trickle down theory of great people. When you START with the amazing people that we did- you find that all THEIR friends, connections and colleagues are remarkable as well. If I’m not mentioning you by name- know that I am THINKING of you- you talented, hilarious bastards. You are forever “Team QP”. I wanna spoon with all of you.

Then there’s the fact that I got to do all of this with my BEST FRIEND and hunky boyfriend/love of my life- Doug. BEST. RIDE. EVER. Jesus we laughed a lot. Still are- but it was an unfiltered joy at doing what we love- WITH OUR KIDS and surrounded by rockstars… Really? How do you put words to that kind of experience…?
So, when I “look back” on THIS year…?


I am also so beyond excited about 2016. About continuing on this path that we forged this year- with as many of these geniuses that we fell in love with as will have us. I am (SLOWLY) working on the next script and waiting to start our editing. I am BEYOND excited to show the world “our baby” and everyone’s heart and soul up on the screen. It’s a “big, fucking deal” to say the least.

If I may be so audacious, a word of encouragement:

If you have THAT THING, the one in the back of your head that nags at you upon your New Years Reflections… The one that you NEED to “get to”. To “Make time for”, to “Be able to do”… Just GO. LEAP. JUMP. RUN. Time is a fickle, fleeting son of a bitch. Make this year the one that you look back on and, like me, say: “FUCK YEAH!”

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