Pebbles, Ripples and crunchy crap

Pebbles, Ripples and crunchy crap

So- I’m alrinspirational-quote-the-actions-of-individual-dalai-lamaeady sleep deprived… “Whaaaaaa”, I know. But I’m gonna use that as an excuse for why this post may be a bit… “Crunchy” for my taste- so- disclaimer intact, here we go.

I once heard this REALLY crunchy chick waxing philosophical about how a tiny pebble can create 1000 ripples in a pond or lake or puddle- whatever- her waxing wasn’t really specific. And- of course- that thought & image stuck with me. (No, not the 3000 school parent’s NAMES I SHOULD know, not my vet’s PHONE #, not fucking ALGEBRA- THAT FREAKING PEBBLE… ) ANYWAY- I have been thinking on that lately with this film and all things “Quality Problems”. Yes- it’s been building for a long time. Hell, the last thing Doug & I produced that wasn’t a KID was 12 years ago, when we did our 2nd play, “Plunge”. I got knocked up during that run (Wheee!) and we have been a bit “preoccupied” ever since. Anyway- creative endeavors were always in our minds but- they tend to take a backseat to kids, Cancer, bills, mortgage and …sleep. Anyway- dunno exactly but- things just lined up, I looked in the mirror and thought, “DAMN I”M SO SMOKING HAWT!”… Uhh- no. But I thought- I am NOT getting any younger and, just like buying a house or having kids- there is NO perfect time. You just gotta do it.

So, I started writing. I had a LOT of hand-holding. A LOT of help and the pebble? It made ripples. And they just keep rippling. We ask and the Universe (UGH- SO CRUNCHY!) answers. Sometimes it’s a “Piss off”. Others, “Ask later”, or “Why not?”… BUT, you GOTTA ask. So, here we are- following the ripples.

Oh, that “pebble” that you’re gripping so tightly? THROW IT IN.

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