Okay- so MEA CULPA- have been caught up in “life” and such and have been remiss on my updates. EVERY DAY- we are all pushing, working on or prepping another element of QP. For the last 3 months it has been all about finalizing our edit to get to PICTURE LOCK. The looming dates of festivals and the readiness of our other post team: colorist, music genius, Michael John Mollo and the recent addition of our Sound editor Gabriel Serrano have also made it even more time pressing. (Too lazy to think of a better word- you feel me….) ANYWAY- this culminated with a few editing meetings to get close and culminated with an EPIC LABOR DAY PUSH where Jen Prince, Jhennifer Webberley and (at times) Doug, Colette & I sat blocked in a room pushing toward PICTURE LOCK while about 100 kids ran wild in a “Lord of The Flies” rampage while we silently hid out and prayed that there were no sustaining injuries. “The Jens” as we have come to call them lost COUNTLESS HOURS of sleep- texted in ideas, suggestions and change options as we rounded the corner. It was a four day “run”.

We (they) DID IT.

After we had some (amazing) “beta viewers” watch a cut and got their REMARKABLE notes (THANK YOU Will, Bridget, Kathleen & Carter!!) we finalized our cut.

And OMG- it’s amazing. Doug & I watched as our “baby” transformed from “sweet, movie” that was “so close” to being what we were envisioning to- “OMG- this movie is AMAZING!!” Yes, beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. The changes worked SO well, the trims were (mostly) painless and the pieces slid into place.

We are BEYOND ecstatic. THIS IS IT.

Now on to music. We have met already with Michael John Mollo to do a run through on the prior cut- now we implement these choices to the lock. Music is SO FUN. (In MY opinion.) You get watch as your “takes” become full blown MOVIE SEQUENCES and the music elevates, activates and propels SO much. PLEASE do not EVER UNDERESTIMATE this.

It really is a whole new level of exciting… The current “Challenge”: finding the $ to finish post-post. This is the $ needed to get it DELIVERED to festivals, pay our final team, press for festivals, and all those things that polish up our gem to get it ready for the world… THAT is a WHOLE DIFFERENT blog…

In the meantime: I had foot (bunion) surgery (God, I’m old), kids started school (Max in MIDDLE SCHOOL- WHAT!?) and Colette & I won a BUNCH of contest prizes – including GRAND PRIZE at the CREATIVE WORLD AWARDS- for our screenplay: “The Last Bookstore”- so we are polishing our interview skills and getting our “grown up outfits” together. We also finished another script, “Joint Venture” that we are CRAZY proud of and excited about. Trying to wrestle all this excellent creative-flurry into a great, big ball of momentum to propel everything forward, outward and upward. It’s all pretty mind-blowing considering, just 3 years ago- I was in a creative wasteland and hadn’t finished a script in years. I am grateful. Trying to ride the wave and feel it all.

SOON- and this is my FAVORITE FANTASY- we will be showing our “baby” to ALL the amazing people that helped get it made.

STAY TUNED- I’m TRYING to remain more up-to-date as things are really moving now!putn9089

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