So- first off apologies for being absent. After the glow of our successful* crowd funding campaign with Seed & Spark (* = 110% of our ask! But our “ask” was only to get us THROUGH PRODUCTION. We got a “touch” more but are NO WHERE NEAR funding POST PRODUCTION. THE. MOST. EXPENSIVE. PART. NO ONE- I repeat, NO ONE seems to realize this except producers and those that have done it themselves. If I had a Dollar for overtime someone said- “Congrats- now you can do your whole movie, right?” “Uhhh. No. We can SHOOT IT. On the tightest, quickest, corner-cutting-set, creatively staged budget possible but “finished”… Nope. Waiting for the “Good Fairy Investor” to come in, someone’s rich Uncle to become philanthropic or… what we all know: we are going to let the footage and movie- speak for itself. Yes, we are THAT proud of and hopeful. Idiots, yes. But Idiots who are still LIVING THEIR DREAMS.) ANYWAY- it is the night before we resume filming. This is the “Big Stuff.”. Locations, BIG cast, company moves… STUNTS(ish). All of it. ALL IN. Shooting for 12 days over the course of 3 weeks. THIS is insanity.

And we love it.

We are excited and hopeful. We have weathered a few storms & jumped a few hurdles to get here but- we are here. These next 3 weeks are going to come & go regardless… Why not have the best experience doing what we’ve been dreaming of for YEARS now? We have some new crew (GREG BANEY WE MISS YOU!) and some new cast and we are excited to meet and “jump them in” to our twisted, little, mighty family. We have worked our ASSES off to get here and it is all worth it. We are AWESTRUCK. Seriously- AWESTRUCK about our PRODUCERS & D.P who have been working THEIR collective asses off during this “hiatus” along with us. After we go to bed and while we are sleeping. I’m sometimes pretty selfish but- if I could wish anything AFTER health & happiness for my family & friends AND to be able to do this until we die/choose not to, IT WOULD BE THIS:

That this little, amazing movie gets all of these REMARKABLY TALENTED PEOPLE job security, jobs, accolades, awards, snacks- whatever- just SOME recognition for how insanely gifted they all are. We know we won the lotto- support-wise. And we’re taking it to the bank.


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