Yes- this is usually the 1st thing we hear from all excited followers and friends. We blame our INSANE social media pimp: Colette. Now, EVERYONE knows our business… And it’s amazing. People are EXCITED about this. They feel like a PART OF IT- and they ARE. I cannot even tell you how many times I was cheered on, supported, buoyed and inspired from the COUNTLESS messages and support we got through the ENTIRE production…
BUT NOW? Now, we are into the post production. That’s editing, sound design, sound production, color-correcting, ADR, foley, cuts and re-cuts and on and on…
And this costs money. SO- we are at it again. Weather it goes to crowdfunding again or private investors- here we go again: once more, into the fray.
And guess what? We will. We will fight and scratch and kick and beg to raise whatever is needed because… it’s THAT EFFING good.
At every turn, with every scene, in every shot- this project SURPASSED even our wildest dreams. When we thought; “We won’t be able to do so and so…” We DID it- and often got even better than we had planned.
Basically: “The Juice is Worth The Squeeze.”
So, we are gearing up for many things- the editing- which we cannot wait to get into. We are recovered (ish) , have slept and detoxed most of the Red Vines from our bloodstream- now into it we go.
In the meantime- we MISS EVERYONE. It’s hard to go from a FULL HOME INVASION for 2 months to “just us” again. We miss the mess, the chaos, the PEOPLE. Again- I will say- without exception we were BLESSED by EVERYONE who was involved with this film. We had the TIME OF OUR LIVES shooting it and being around these INSANELY gifted & talented folk. All we can do in the meantime is stalk them on FB and wait for a great Premiere party/screening when we can ALL be re-united.
Until then- we edit this joyous piece and troll our local grocery stores for a tasteful investor who likes inappropriate dancing in tiny orange shorts.

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