th-1So, we had our 2nd meeting last night and- aside from finishing an entire bag of sweet potato chips, I got a lot out of it. Among other things, that I NEED “To Do Lists”. For everything. All the time. More than I need sweet potato chips. My husband knows this. I have 4 different calendars, endless note pads and note cards and 4-5 different iPhone apps that remind, categorize and prioritize the crap I gotta get done.

It’s not going to DO it for me though. So, I gotta hunker down and “clear the list”. This? COMFORTS ME. Like a light switch frenzy will comfort an OCD sufferer, like a cupcake will comfort a bingeing sorority girl, like a teddy bear comforts a child… TO DO LISTS are my “nightlight” against the anxieties of adulthood.

It’s a way to manage. To break it down so I can attack. It’s necessary.

Having said that- I’m understanding that this film is gonna need a LOT of “To Do Lists” . Both figuratively and literally. Luckily- everyone involved also understands my intense need and provided me with 3-4 LISTS immediately after our meeting. MAN, I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

So, here we go- checking it off. This blog entry? Was, like #8. Nightlight on, let’s ride…

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