Links to important people

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.30.33 AMLaurie Haines, an unbelievably talented artist, let us borrow some of her original art. Click here to see her creative and original artwork.






Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.55.38 AMJess Finn. World’s best website woman. She runs a digital media agency which pretty much can do anything web from A to Z. What more can be said other than: She. is. the. best. Click here to gain access to her brilliant mind.




Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.28.00 AMTiffini Soforenko’s Yummy Cupcakes were the Pièce de résistance of our launch party. Each original flavor is better than the next. Click here to read more about her and definitely treat yourself by visiting her Burbank location!






Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 1.01.40 AMSteve Byrens gave us a phenomenal deal on Quality Problems tee shirts. He is a real mensch. To read more about his company, click here.



Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.59.02 AMWill Underwood, a brilliant filmmaker, who helped us with camera equipment. We could not have made this film without him. Or at least had it look so great. To read more about his company, click here



Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.57.49 AMJon La Fleur, our amazing caterer. He fed a cast and crew with delicious and decidedly varied food which included gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.  It was delicious and well received. A must for indie film catering! The Crafty Caterer.





Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.56.23 AMOur excellent Grip and Gear company CFG. They are the best of the best and were unbelievably generous. They are definitely friends of indie filmmaking. CFG.





Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.25.16 AMJoshua Jackson donated his culinary gifts to our launch party, creating most possibly the world’s best hummus. Need an event catered? He is the one. Click here to read (and salivate) more.






Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.24.46 PM

Camera package and technology consulting by SoapBoxxMedia. Our Texas partners – they can advise you on all your digital needs and the best table side guacamole. Click here to learn more.