The Poster Family To-Do-List:

  1. Throw perfect eight-year-old’s birthday party.
  2. Find wandering grandpa
  3. Deal with cancer in the left boob.

In 2008, screenwriter Brooke Purdy was diagnosed with DCIS, non-invasive Breast Cancer. It was such a devastating concept that she and her husband Doug couldn’t get their heads around it. They immediately fell back on what they could do to empower themselves. They thought: “Film it. Film it all.” She thought it might provide a chronicle for her kids at least- how they got through this. It helped her focus on something, anything, else other than being a “Cancer victim”. During her treatment and surgeries, she and Doug remained grounded in their family life and above all their sense of humor. Spolier alert – she survived, and the footage sat on the shelf untouched for years.

This year she decided to write a micro budget film that she and her husband could direct together, and decided it was time to address her breast cancer experience creatively. Quality Problems is the result of that. It is a narrative, loosely based on her own family dynamic and the comedy of her own life. During the rewrite of the script- we found the perfect opportunity to incorporate the footage she had shot while going through Cancer and surgery. The two meshed seamlessly and the shooting draft is something we’re immensely proud of.

Brooke has workshopped the script with a group of actors and developed it with Colette Freedman, a Co-Producer on the film and also a cancer survivor. It is the next chapter in her survival – closure on that terrible part of her story, turning it into something beautiful she can share with her family. Shooting 9 days in July, crowdfunding in August and September and shooting 12 days in August, we shot the entire film in three weeks: Brooke and Doug  co-directed and starred along with their children Max and Scout, as the fictional Poster Family.

We are now in post production with producer/editor Jen Prince and co-producer/ editor Jhennifer Webberly editing. After sound mixing and color correction, we will start exploring opportunities for festivals and distribution. Stay tuned!

Quality Problems is a survival story about the healing power of laughter.

Winner: BEST FEATURE FILM AUDIENCE AWARD Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival
Winner: BEST ACTRESS JURY AWARD Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival
Winner: BEST FEATURE FILM Women Texas Film Festival
Winner: AUDIENCE AWARDS Breckenridge Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival
Winner: BEST ENSEMBLE CAST Jefferson State Flixx Festival

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Laughter is priceless, but we need money to make our film.