thSo, I spend a fair amount of time these days in my head. Shot lists, wardrobe, social media, are we gonna go broke- then kids, hubby, workouts, clients- you get it… So, the other day I was driving home and glanced over at the bike path.

And I was brought right back to reality. To NOW. There was a woman walking behind her two young kids as they were riding bikes. She looked youngish- 30’s I’d guess. She was laughing and walking behind them as they played…

Except- under her cute ball cap- she was bald.

It was the “Badge”. The Badge of a warrior. Of a fighter. Of a person who is actively saying: “Fuck right off, Cancer. You’ve got no business here.” Who readily sits and accepts poison into her body to fight a random, killer that wants to take her from her lovely world.

I broke out in tears. Driving. In my car, trapped in all the miasma of my world and , just like that- BAM. I wanted to get out and hug her. (Yes, I thought better of it- in spite of my rampant impulse control issues.) I wanted to stop people on the street and point out her courage. Her bravery. Her triumph. I wanted to honk and wave and scream- “YOU GO, MAMA! I’M WITH YOU!”

But mostly…? Mostly, I just wanted to STOP TIME. I wanted to freeze that moment for her. Where she was walking along in the sunshine, following her babies and laughing. Just BEING. A mom, a woman, a human. And I took that moment- pulled my head out of my ass and said a sisterly prayer for her to FIGHT HARD. I sent her all the comrade ju-ju I could muster – for whatever it’s worth- and I just LOVED. I loved her spirit. I loved the MILLIONS just like her and THEIR loved ones, I LOVED my kids, my village , MY family and I LOVED that I got to SEE her and glimpse that gorgeous, singular moment of grace that she had. Right there. On the bike path… Beautiful.

You go, Mama- I am with you.

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