Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.43.17 PMYes- so we are starting smaller and WAY funnier than Kim K. but we are “putting it out there” nonetheless. By now- if you’ve been following this project at all- you are aware that my husband, Doug Purdy & I have both laid aside (WELL ASIDE) our pride/egos for the sake of A) what works and b) what is funny. (I just keep repeating that Melissa McCarthy is one of the funniest women I know and has ZERO qualms about doing ANYTHING for the sake of the material…- NOT to compare myself to her- she’s a genius. I’m just “pretty sharp.”.)

Anyway- this is the WEEK WE BEGIN OUR CROWDFUNDING with Seed & Spark and it has been an EPIC WEEK at that. We opened with a Launch party on Saturday that was EPIC, Great food, beverages, people, support. We screened some new stuff/sneak peeks and trailers and got GREAT response and started the ball rolling with donations right there. We got to 50% funded (Of our initial 30K PRODUCTION ask) in 2 days. 2 DAYS!!! So- we reformed our ask. Which is to say- we added in a teeny bit of our POST production budget wishes as well and the SUPPORT has been OVERWHELMING. So- we keep planning CONTENT and stuff to keep everyone interested. We have A LOT and it is all pretty AMAZING- even at this baby-stage but this… Doug’s Dance clip? That is my personal fave. Not just because it is so “ALL IN/YOLO/WTF/PUNK ROOCK” but because it really is US. This shit is NOT fictionalized. People are passing it along/retweeting it, sharing it and enjoying it- thank God because it’s very representational of who we are… Just with a camera and smaller shorts.  If you are compelled to toss in a few duckets- or just pass along- all the better. PLEASE ENJOY- WE DO.


Doug Bruises The Internet

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