28439930So- sorry for the absence- 1st was FULLY CONSUMED with our crowdfunding with Seed & Spark. It went SO well that after the 1st week- we UPPED our initial ask of 30K (To just pay back debt of shooting 1st 30% and cover next phase of production) to 50K- this would give us a healthy start into post-production- the MOST expensive portion – the one NO ONE CONSIDERS…


Not only did we make it- we PASSED IT- we made it with 55K! And yes, we are OVER THE MOON. We had a small- BBQ to celebrate- which felt great- and then went right back down the rabbit hole into this phase of production. This is the “Adult Table” of our film. Locations, full cast, company moves- etc. all over 3 weeks. We will NOT be working in between so we get to add financial insecurity to the whole thing for a full Anxiety Cake. But it is mind blowing. It’s mind-blowing to think that- in February I hadn’t written anything I liked in YEARS. It’s mind-blowing that this script came together (with the AMAZING guidance of Colette Freedman- an angel and now family member with a true gift) and that we found OTHER PEOPLE who liked it as much as we did. It’s mind blowing that we got this HEAVENLY crew of talented, loyal, hilarious folks to join us and who BELIEVE in this project as much as we do. It’s mind-blowing that people ACTUALLY GAVE $ to help get this done. THEY. GAVE. US. MONEY. I still cannot even get my blown-mind around that alone…

So- we better not fuck up.

With every daunting phase, every new shot list, every location we need to TAKE care that we give each little piece it’s due. We cannot half-ass any of this. This is our one shot at a “first film” and we need to give it the gravity it deserves. (In a spazzy, immature Purdy way) When I stop and think: “2015 is the year we made a movie.” I can’t even believe it myself. Then our producers come over for a meeting and I realize I am not dreaming. It’s exciting. It’s terrifying.


I need those that gave, supported and encouraged us to know how eternally grateful we are. It is humbling and awe-inspiring to know that you have that faith in us AND this movie to do that. From $5 to $5000- you all touched us. You lifted us, you inspired us. So, here we go. Once more- into the fray. For every dollar donated- we WILL CRUSH IT- for you guys… Oh, and for some Red Vines too… can’t forget those.



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