Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.46.58 PMSo, yes- I DID go to film school. An excellent one, in fact, Tisch at New York University. Graduated with a BFA in Film & Television Production and a minor in Dramatic Writing…

But that was in 1992.

It may as well have been in the 1800’s for what has happened to Film and filmmaking since. To give you some perspective- I was taught how to cut on a 4-plate Steenbeck where you LITERALLY CUT the actual film- (16MM!!!) and TAPED it together. Then you did the same with the SOUND tape… This was a mind-numbing process and FUCK YOU if you made a mistake or wanted to “re-cut” or “play with” any of your footage…

So, here I am in 2015. NOTHING IS the same. Sure, I have a vague recollection of the shots: what constitutes a WIDE, a MEDIUM, High angles, etc- but otherwise… I have about as much going into this as the bag boy at Vons. Wait- he probably shot 2-3 b-rate horror flicks on his phone and has 7 million views on You Tube – so, really he’s fucking Fincher to my… Bag Boy.

Doug is pretty much the same with his English Degree and actor experience. But- he stays up until 4am trolling the internet so he catches up at least. So, we would be TOTALLY “flying blind” were it not for our BRILLIANT, PATIENT and CRAZY GIFTED “team”. Savannah Bloch, our young (cutting edge, USC trained DP) doesn’t (always) roll her talented eyes when we pull out our little “rectangle/frame fingers” to sight a shot. She has held our hands, listened to our wants and interpreted them beautifully. When we “just want to tell the story” she finds some magical, unexpected and brilliant way to do that ON SCREEN. Our producers, who also happen to be gifted editors; Jen Prince & Jennifer Webberly also stand patiently by when we mutter about, pointing and spouting inanities about “what the feeling of the scene is” and “who’s coverage??” then, they point out the most efficient, clear and seamless approach.

These folks are all going to make us seem like GENIUSES… We are NOT. We are the “goofy cousin that you HAD to invite to the BBQ, whom you HOPE doesn’t get too drunk and take off their pants.”

But we mean well. We do have our strong points. We do NOT presume to be more than we are. We are both VERY GOOD at asking for help, input and clarity. We DO have an idea of how we want things to look – strong ideas and will try and get there in anyway possible- for under $40. We have watched COPIOUS amounts of film and are in (almost) unanimous agreement on those we LOVE and want to steal from. This has been one of our BEST film schools. WATCHING. STEALING and having ULTIMATE faith in our story and our team. We are blessed. We are learning and we are living the dream.

So, who cares if we don’t have pants.

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