th So, we are starting to “put the word out” about this film, Quality Projects. Just initial outreach- putting it on peoples’ radar and such… but its an assfull of work. Has been 2 straight days and nights, emailing, writing, replying, posting… (I know- QUALITY PROBLEMS, right? This shit is gonna haunt me forever, yo.) And- at only halfway through my contacts- I am struck by a basic but profound realization…

I miss a LOT of these people. (Not you fuckers that ignored me though. NOT missing you right now…)

Seriously though? I have become a victim of our times. Will text instead of call. Will “Like” as a means of contact. Will post instead of SHARE IN PERSON… It’s happening. So, I’m sending out all these mails about the film and getting replies- many from people I haven’t talked to in WAY to long and you know what? I MISSED THEM. Of course- these were the supportive, excellent, interested folks but still- I ENJOYED CATCHING UP. So, this whole “crowd funding”, build your audience, DIY indie thing? It’s got a side benefit. You get to CHECK THE HELL BACK IN… WITH HUMANS. You get to have a discussion, a conversation, to SHARE- back & forth and catch up… I had forgotten how much I actually do like people. Will be postponing my Howard Hughes phase awhile longer.

At least until we finish post.

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