Juggling Roles

Juggling Roles

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.49.36 PMSo, in the shooting that we have done I am learning MANY lessons. Some easy- (keep Red Vines within reach) and some more difficult- (even “deals” cost something). This past weekend was another learning process.

Our cast & crew are amazing. We have managed to assemble a group of folks who are both talented AND great to be around. The mood on the set is fun and easy but down to business when needed. As a writer, I have one goal- to make sure that the work is represented. As a director- my job is to get the performance needed to convey this as well as protect and utilize my actors to their fullest. As an actress, it is to give the best performance I can to both honor the written word and convey the emotion needed in the scene- as well as give to my other actors…

It’s a fucking lot to juggle.

In a close knit crew and cast sometimes things get too casual. I have to try and ride the line between cast-mate and director. Between director and playmate and between mom and producer. At times those around will read my fun attitude for “openness” or indecision in what I want for the shot. I am open to suggestions. Mostly from my DP and Doug. So, I ask their opinion. But sometimes- I know- specifically- what I want. In those cases, I won’t ask for an opinion. Sometimes- especially in a collaborative atmosphere- it will be offered without request. And sometimes, I have to use my “mommy voice” to move past those moments.

Mind you- these moments have been RARE. This “family” we’ve assembled is REMARKABLY simpatico. Everyone is delicious, in my opinion. I am respected and consulted on exactly what I need to be. It’s just a difficult transition switching from one role to the next and getting everyone around on board as to what particular hat I may be wearing in that moment. I’m adapting and I think so is Doug, but it was a learning process. We have never undertaken something of this scope before- why SHOULD we know exactly how to execute it? Thank goodness we were smart enough to surround ourselves with such EXTRAORDINARY people, who help and support us every step of the way.

To date: “Let your actor create, but maintain their objectives.”
“Let your director direct and get their vision executed.”
“Let your writer participate in any changes to what’s on the page.” and
“Let your Mom hug you at any random time it is needed… by her.”

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