MOVED and Amazed…

MOVED and Amazed…

th So, things with our movie just keep picking up momentum… Usually, right at the time I think a good nap will be in order but… I can nap another time. While my hubby, Doug is away on a Boys Trip with my Dad (he’s being a Good Son In Law) and without phone & computers- SHIT IS GOING DOWN OVER HERE!

Have been encountering insane generosity from all corners. In the way of equipment, locations (HUGE) and support. Overtime something comes in I am touched and surprised and grateful beyond words. This project is a dream come true and I am inspired by any and everyone that has jumped aboard to help it reach fruition.

In the meantime- my efforts are boosted by people like THIS WOMAN:  Aimee Fletcher:

How courageous. When I think of WHY this movie is important- today- I will see her. How fucking brave and “ballsy”. She’s my motivation to keep going, keep asking for help and keep believing that this movie NEEDS to be made.

Yes- it’s SO intimidating. The 2 hardest things for people to ask for is HELP and FORGIVENESS. I am used to asking for forgiveness- because I’m a spa with a big mouth and impulse control but HELP? That’s rough. I have barely asked and am receiving offers and encouragement at every turn. Today? It’s a good day to be me. Fuck the naps.

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