Quality Problems

Quality Problems

Screenshot 2015-04-27 12.38.18We all complain. We all whine. We all bitch.

But about what? What really constitutes as a problem… not finding a parking space? The internet is too slow? Your coffee is cold? Sure, these are problems…but are they quality problems? Currently, my phone seems to have a life of it’s own…it’s beeping and flipping through windows as if it’s possessed by the ghost of Heather O’Rourke (yes, I plan to see the new Poltergeist opening weekend). Still, this is not a quality problem. It’s a pain in the ass… but it’s fixable and manageable and may slow me down and annoy me..but it’s minor. It is not of great quality. It is not of true merit. It is not worthy.

There are hundreds of quality problems both tangible and intangible…but what’s fascinating and funny is when people exhaust so much energy on the crapfest of their insignificant problems (like my possessed phone). Next time someone whinges, whines and bitches turn to them and ask, “Is that really a quality problem?”

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