Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.51.27 PMSo, today was a weird one. First off- I woke up defensive because it was Women’s Equality Day. (Marking anniversary of the Women’s Suffragette Movement). I was already cranky because no one knew about it and then- ONLY A DAY??! REALLY??? AND WHO’S DECLARING US FUCKING “EQUAL” anyway??? Oh, we get to vote so that whole 51cents to the dollar discrepancy thing should just be forgiven… THEN- to add insult to injury- it was also NATIONAL DOGS DAY. Well isn’t THAT IRONIC. Posted something on FB about which group gets called a “bitch” more and it was thoroughly WASTED amid all the CUTSEY FUCKING POSTS OF EVERYONE’S FUCKING DOGGIES.


So- yeah. Little cranky already. Then I learn that a friend has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Well… fuck-a-duck. Very bummed now and doggie posts increasing exponentially with each passing hour.

So- I go about the day- trying to avoid Facebook altogether because I know a losing battle when I see one but check in toward the end of the day… and there she is.

It’s Jaime Jenkins. I had been connected with her through a friend when I was looking to cast someone really going through chemo for a small part in the film. I read her blog and started trading emails and have just fallen in huge love with her. She is a gift. Well- today she FINISHED her chemo – her 4th round in 2 minutes or some insane shit like that and she got to RING A BELL. It’s something you do when you finish your chemo. So anyway- there I am, sitting in my kid’s gymnastics class, doing work and I see Jainme- with her adorable little self- ringing this bell and dancing with joy. I just burst out crying. (WTF IS IT with me and Fun & Fit- why am I always BLUBBERING there??!) I was crying with joy for her. With pride for knowing someone as remarkable as he. With empathy for knowing how PRECIOUS PERSPECTIVE can be and how each tiny triumph can lift the world. I cried at my own assanine pettiness – “I’m TIRED. I don’t wanna work out. My car smells…”, I cried with frustration that the WORLD can’;t know Jaime & a MILLION warriors like her who FIGHT so bravely and courageously EVERY DAY for those precious moments we take for granted. That Donald FUCKING Trump gets center stage when Jaime can’t get proper health coverage… But mostly- I cried with sheer joy. I was so happy for her. That I got to know her and witness this BEAUTIFUL, TRIUMPHANT PERFECT moment and get my head popped out of my own ass by PERSPECTIVE and TRUTH. I am SO lucky to know her- even just this new, tiny bit- I am better for it. I am going to bed tonight grateful. Because of her. Not pissy because of dogs.

Thank you Jaime- and all you warriors of the world. Here’s to another day and ringing that bell.

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